VNV Sounds visits The National Wedding Show

VNV Sounds visits The National Wedding Show

I haven’t really thought about it before, but it’s crazy how big the wedding industry actually is! There is a reason for this of course; you certainly want one of the most important days of your life to be perfect! So that means that there’s a business for every aspect of a wedding.

We attended The National Wedding Show on Sunday 24th February and met some really interesting companies during the exhibition, and yes, the wedding bug rubbed off on me during the day. I felt like getting married after talking to some of them!!!! (Not to marry them of course 😉 lol)

Some of the exhibitors delivered great entertainment; the guys from Singing Waiters, for example (see picture below). There was also a French magician on site who blew our minds away. He had some incredible skills. I still get baffled when I think about how he sent a card with my name on it to the INSIDE of his phone. Pure magic! So cool!

It was a day with good networking, interesting people and a lot of good ideas. One thing that I came to understand was the fact that you definitely need to start planning your wedding in time because there are a lot of things to think about! I had never thought about having a picture of the sunrise taken the day after the wedding to celebrate the start of our lives together. That’s the type of things I think you will only find out through research; magazines, Internet, exhibitions etc.

Since VNV Sounds often supply AV and DJs to weddings, it was extra probably even more important for us to attend the National Wedding Show to get a better understanding about the whole wedding planning aspect, not just the AV. It definitely makes me understand how important it is that we provide excellent service each time since the wedding day is meant to be perfect.

With so many similar companies in attendance; Sunday also made me realise that it’s definitely crucial to stand out in such a busy industry in order to survive. VNV Sounds certainly do this by having top quality DJs, sound and lights; everything that’s needed for the perfect wedding, excluding the bride and groom of course 🙂

If you are getting married, make sure you plan in time and also go out and do a lot of research and get inspired! There are so many ideas out there don’t just settle for what you have seen before! You want to look back on your wedding day and think:

“Wow, that really was the perfect day!”

Good Luck!



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