Reliving Xmas 2013

Reliving Xmas 2013

First things first…Happy New Year to you all from VNV Sounds, and we sincerely wish you all the best for 2014! A year that many are hoping will be more successful than all the others before. We know that yours will be! Especially because you’re reading this! Lol

It’s been awhile since we’ve written a blog for our site; to say that we’ve been a bit busy is an understatement! We have provided sound, lights, DJs and technical support for events right across London and beyond!

The festive season officially began at VNV Sounds once we had finished doing sound, lights and engineering on a whopping 4 stages simultaneously, in Kingston Shopping Centre mid November alongside @CellarDoorFam &@BigWolfAgency. Here’s the VNV team looking very pleased with ourselves after a successful day:

party dj

Although just over 3 weeks ago, Xmas seems quite awhile ago, and now we’ve had a bit of a breather and time to reflect upon the semi-madness over the last 6 weeks we are over the moon about being able to pull off the amount of events we did in one month. They were all unique and creative in their own way, and we think it’s time to share as many as possible with you for you visual pleasure!

So, let’s get to it! Without any more delay here are some of the best events we did in December 2013…here goes!

The number one Xmas party of 2013 was kicked off in style. It was for a well known public communications / relations (PR) company’s festive celebrations; held at the MD’s house in North London.

This is what it looked like when we walked in…

xmas dj

…and this is what it looked like just before we left:

xmas party dj

We’ll be back here for the actual party a bit later, but next we were off to Truckles, Pied Bull Yard for Pearson College’s Xmas Party…


vnvsounds audio visual


christmas party dj

This was a great party complete with drinks reception, swing band & special guest DJ.

Once all was well, and our engineer was happy with the set up we sent DJ Vibes back up to North London for that PR company’s Xmas party. The children of the house had pressed a few buttons in the booth and now it looked like this lol…

corporate party dj

If you look carefully you can even see one of their heads poking out from behind the laptop! Lol

It was a great party with plenty of dancing…

dance party dj

dj for party events

and singing of course! Come on you’ve gotta have a bit of Mariah at Xmas!

The kids partied with us a bit too. They made some excellent song requests for the partygoers just before it was time for bed. 🙂

The next day we did a winter wedding reception at one of our regular venues; The Stoke Newington Reservoir Centre:

uplights hire london

uplights rental service

A few days later we did this!


homebase xmas


xmas dj

…a winter wonderland themed Xmas party for Homebase at Holiday Inn Milton Keynes. This has to be one of favourite lighting productions of the month…woooooow! Lol

The very next day (on the 13th) we DJ’ed at a company’s Xmas party at St. Martin’s Lane Hotel. The theme this time was The Great Gatsby:

christmas party dj

end of year xmas party dj

office party dj

We were back again for 2 more parties on the 14th and 15th, but only on the 15th did we have an addition of our nice shiny lights…

dj sound system

colour uplight

Remember that party that happened at the house of the Company’s MD? Well, they decided to do another one the week after! I think it’s a VNV first to do 2 house parties at the same address within a fortnight! #RecordSetting lol

house party sound system

Slightly different set up this time though with the plain black DJ booth instead of the Starcloth one as I’m sure you’ll notice.

Also set up a nice meaty system with lights at some our good friends’ church Xmas party:

sound system with lights

Then a small PA system including a couple of speakers, and some wireless mics for 2 days at Kensington Olympia for British Dressage’s seminar room at The London International Horse Show.

presentation equipment hire

Right. Back to Xmas parties for now…

pa speakers and lights


lights and party

These pics are from Orion Publishing’s Xmas party at St. Martin’s In The Field near Trafalgar Square. The lights show up really well in this venue and we love the way they look.

The very next day we were at Spanish restaurant Hispania London for a bank’s Xmas party. It was something else; like a club night in a corporate event. People, drinks and antics across 2 floors including the disco room below:

blue uplights

Here’s the professional’s pic:

light hire

Whose do you think is better? lol

As you can see our starcloth DJ booths, uplighters and disco lights go out A LOT at Xmas especially. Although people love a similar set up for weddings, birthdays and other events throughout the year of course.

We also provided 5x 50” plasma screens for this party, as well as sound and lights for all areas of the 2 floor venue, which is quite large! Email us for pictures of the whole thing if you’re extra interested.

Here’s a bit of footage from one of the more civilised and calmer parts of the night:

Did you hear the wicked mix, Blurred Lines into Get Lucky?! Splendid! Lol

That was the last big Xmas party we did for the month, but we hired out equipment right through until New Year’s Eve, even on Xmas day believe it or not!

We also DJ’ed and provided the AV (Audio-Visual) equipment for another winter wedding in East Sussex! Ah…winter weddings…we love them. There’s something extra warm and cosy about winter weddings in an intimate country venue, especially when it’s freezing cold outside. It was another great party! No pics for that one though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it lol

On Boxing Day we created this nice little setting for a club night in The City…


av services


audio visual service

Using 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000s, a Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer, on the DJ table, as well as some stage decks with red lino covering and black valance we created this slick DJ area setting with 2 podiums for some saucy dancing either side of the DJ 😉

Looks nice right? Especially as all of the colours are matching throughout the venue. I like it too! Lol

Nearly there now…all that’s left is New Year’s Eve! What a day and night New Year’s Eve was. All I can say is eventful! Lol

We did a whopping 5 events that day in the following areas: Docklands, Croydon, Ealing, Stoke Newington (Reservoir Centre) & Clapton. We were far too busy to take pics of them all, but here are some from The Crowne Plaza Docklands:

crown plaza

crown plaza lighting

Pretty right?

…and there are more where those came from, but we didn’t want to overload you! LOL.

Have an amazing, fantastic and extraordinary year y’all and make sure you keep your friendly, neighbourhood DJ & AV suppliers, VNV Sounds, in mind for all events that require that extra special touch 😉

Best wishes

Dean Carby

VNV Sounds

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