How we build a 12 x 8 Stage

How we build a 12 x 8 Stage

Using our staging system, and build process we can build almost any type of stage you like, whether it’s rectangular or circular with a wide selection of carpet colours to choose from to cover the top of the stage!

However, many don’t realise exactly what goes into building a VNV Stage. So, we thought we’d show you, step by step, how we build a fairly straightforward and simple stage at a 70th Birthday Party we did at The West Reservoir Centre, Stoke Newington earlier this month.

The stage featured below is 12ft x 8ft or approx. 3.5m x 2.5m made using our high quality and heavy duty 6ft x 4ft ali decking, 400mm legs and a 400mm valance covered with black carpet. In addition we also provided a small PA system and some mics and stands for a performer and live band.


Step 1: Put the ali stage decking in the rough area, it will be positioned upside down, place legs into clamping gaps and tighten to secure in place.


 Step 2: Turn ali stage decking over so all staging now sits on legs. Push all staging together and use AUCs (not shown) to clamp stage decks together.

build-a-stage Step 3: Go around top perimeter of stage using double sided tape (not shown). Cut exhibition grade carpet to shape and stick down to stage ensuring all carpet is laid smoothly.


Step 4: Stick Velcro to edge of stage (not shown), and fix valance onto Velcro to hide legs and anything else underneath the stage.

At this point we also began setting up the PA system with speaker stands either side of the stage.

How-to-build-a-stage step4

Step 5: Stage complete so now it’s time to finish off setting up the PA system along with the mics and stands for the band…


 Step 6: All tested and ready to go, so please enter band, performers and artists…

How to Build a 12 x 8 stage

This produces a neat, efficient and good quality stage build and PA system set up. Don’t you agree?

Feedback from our clients:

Hello Dean,


Just following up on our 70th birthday party on 6th July to say thanks so much for your expert provision of AV and stage for the event. We very much appreciated all that you and your colleagues provided. It was good to know that everything would work, which it did and so well. Thanks so much. It was good meeting you too!


With best wishes,


Joanna and Richard”


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Farewell for now. 🙂

Dean Carby

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