A Great 30th Birthday Party

A Great 30th Birthday Party

I recently had yet another enquiry to do a party at one of the ‘The Union’ bars. The Union is a small chain of bars across London that are usually in lovely locations with some slick decor. The last 2 parties we did were at the Regent’s Place & Paddington locations and we definitely recommend either if you want to do a party of your own. From what we know; they are very affordable venues with fantastic management teams.

In this edition of VNV Solutions I want to talk about how we turned an already plush venue into an extremely sexy space with a Great Gatsby theme to host a joint 30th birthday party of 2 good friends of ours, Peter & Esther.


First of all, I did my usual site visit and I noticed the grand entrance outside the venue and large open space within the venue with high ceilings.



My initial proposal for this party included white of black carpet on entrance as opposed to your usual red carpet, some staging to raise the DJ booth off the ground, some plinths and moving heads, as well as some outdoor uplighters to light up the pillars outside the venue as well, which would have looked simply amazing.

However, although Great Gatsby in theme we had to be realistic with the budget so needed to get maximum results without breaking the bank. No problem, I knew exactly what to do to get the best possible result without the hefty pride tag.

This is the final kit list included:

DJ Vibes (VNV Sounds) – 2 Hours
2x Pioneer CDJ2000 & 1x DJM 800 MIxer
2x Turbosound Loudspeakers & Stands
1x APA 1800w Subs
1x Amp Rack & Crossover
1x Shure Handheld Radio Mic
1x Shure SM58 Vocal Mic
1x Starcloth DJ Booth (Black) & 6ft Trestle Table
2x iMove Solutions Moving Heads
2x 4ft Plinths (Black)
1x 10ft Pipe & Drape Black Draping Kit
6x LED Parcan Uplighters

Once our friends, and clients, signed it off this is what we did with it:


Set up of table, booth frame and speakers…

speakers setup

Placement of plinths, placement of uplighters, set up of CDJs & mixer, and set up of draping…

uplighter plinths and dj set

Attach starcloth to booth frame, venue lights down, uplighters on…

starcloth to booth frame

Connect up and switch on 2x Pioneer CDJ2000 CD Players & Pioneer DJM mixer then test.

dj booth frame light

With a sub and some uplighters hidden behind the DJ Booth…

Dj booth subs

The ‘from outside at night’ view, with our uplighters on the inside…

uplighters for venues

I think this is a great transformation and fully represents the Great Gatsby grandiso theme.

We also provided one of our amazing DJs in addition to their special guest DJ from the midlands. Furthermore it didn’t just look good it sounded great, and the tunes kept everyone on the dancefloor all night.

Watch the celebrants and their friends all go…



The client was thoroughly happy with all of our services and gave us an excellent review:

“My friend Pete and I hired VNV Sounds to DJ for our 30th Birthday. I was expecting a good DJ, but was happily surprised as I got much more than that.


After meeting with Dean to discuss the music and where I wanted the sound and booth for our evening, he helped design the night and offered a complete service including lighting and a DJ booth that sparkled which added a nice touch to our 1920s night. There were many other services on offer, but we were able to work together to include the items that would make the night without completely blowing our budget.


On the night the venue looked great, and created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It was nice to see that the DJs had also dressed in the 1920s attire which added a seamless look.


Once the party really took off, the dance floor was fully occupied -tune after tune filled the floor and the MC skills from Dean helped bring the night together. We had a really good time and there were a lot of people saying how great the music was.


I would surely recommend their services.”

Esther Kissiedu, 30th Birthday Celebrant

VNV is your one stop supplier solution for the best DJ & Audio-Visual (AV) services. You have one day or one night to get it right, make sure you do with us…Especially if your event is at The Union, Regents Place, Paddington or other location around London.

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