Setting the Stage at Worship Tabernacle

Setting the Stage at Worship Tabernacle

Worship Tabernacle (WT) is a lovely church in North London that we have worked with several times. They called on our services once again earlier this year to build a stage for them, which could extend theirs for a very creative and dramatic effect.
They requested staging that had to fit perfectly into a very specific space, be raised to the exact same height as their already in-built stage, and then be carpeted with one piece of carpet to look like there was one large stage instead of 2 separate ones. Challenge accepted…and why wouldn’t it be? We are the solutions based Audio-Visual suppliers after all… 🙂

Although we have worked at this church several times before, (a past production where we provided staging can be seen here: we started this project with another site visit and meeting with the church’s youth led theatre and drama team so we could get the planning of this production exactly right.

1 site visit, a few phone calls and several emails later the job was ready to go!

This is the staging layout and kit list that we decided to go with:


Plan / Drawing

stage setting


Equipment List


Stage 1 – 14ft x 6ft (Front):3x 6ft x 4ft Ali Stage Deck1x 6ft x 2ft Ali Stage Deck16x 800mm RisersBlack Valance (800mm Drop)
Steps (8ft x 3ft)6x 4ft x 1ft Ali Stage Deck
Green Carpet7m x 4m For Both Stages & Steps
2x 5ft Black Decorative Plinths
4x LED Parcan Uplighters



It was a Thursday afternoon and the 3 man VNV team arrived at Worship Tabernacle on time. After unloading and getting everything into the venue we began building…and the process looked liked this…


WT on a normal day…


We began by putting all of the staging in place and marking out a double-sided tape grid to fix the carpet to…

Stage Carpet Fitting

Next we built the steps in front of the stage, 2.5m wide as a nice, generous and safe step up on to the stage…

built the steps in front of the stage

The tricky part was to roll out and stick down such a large piece of carpet smoothly and securely in one go…

stick down a piece of carpet to the stage

We did it! We cut the carpet it to size and used the extra to cover the steps so it all looked really smart. We also used black casement material to create a custom valance to hide the area below the stage and also make shorter valances from each step on the set of steps. Here you may also notice the 2 plinths we provided on each side of the stage to put the church’s moving heads (lights) onto and 4 chrome LED parcans along the back of the stage.

Carpet fitting to back of stage

Once the cabling was complete the church lights went off and our LED parcan uplighters came on producing a wonderful effect.

Uplighters on stage

Each of the colours provided a drastic and dramatic mood change to the church. Here’s a few pics showing just a few colours we tried whilst on-site…

Red Uplighters on stage

Blue Uplighters on stage

VNV Live Stage and uplighters fitting

They say there is no such thing as perfect, but believe me when I say that this was a job, not only well done, but done to perfection. Lovely jubbly!

If my word isn’t enough for you then feast your eyes on this comment from our client:

 “Working with VNV was a great experience. I received excellent customer service, expert advice and a quick & painless installation for the set and extended stage with extra props and lighting for my theatre production in an unconventional venue. It was vital that it was done correctly and on time, which they managed to deliver. 5 stars for VNV!”

Yinka Ayinde

Theatre Producer

Worship Tabernacle

Problems?! What problems?! We have a solution for every AV problem. VNV say bring it on! Lol


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