Staging At Dishoom For Diwali

Staging At Dishoom For Diwali

Myself and a good friend of mine ate at Dishoom, King’s Cross, for breakfast yesterday morning and the food was amazing as usual! Natstaha ordered the Bombay Omelette with an extra sausage lol, and I went for the Egg Naan Roll and Fruit & Yoghurt, which I love! We both had orange juices and an apple, carrot & ginger juice. Lovely jubbly!

We were back at the Atrium Event Space in Kings Cross last month for Dishoom’s Diwali event special, which we had to build a stage for. It’s a great event space, which is still relatively unknown. 

The stage was 12ft x 8ft; 600mm high and our set up started with us laying the stage out like this…

After deciding where we would position the stage (a very precise exercise) we pushed the legs into the slots and turned it over before coupling them all together so they didn’t move.

We also erected a piping structure behind the stage for Dishoom to attach their banner to.

It was a great day filled with fun, entertainment, activities and games for all that attended.

We love working in this event space and with Dishoom. Their events are always creative and fun plus the lovely Indian food isn’t too bad either 😉

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