Brand New Uplighters

Brand New Uplighters

Greetings All,

This is a quick message to let you know that we have recently bought some new LED Par64 Uplighters – colour: polished or silver.

uplighters london

These new lights are great because:

  1. They are more powerful and much brighter than many other uplighters out there so the effect is instantly apparent even in well lit rooms significantly transforming many venues as soon as you plug them in.
  2. You can achieve more colours on the unit itself (without the need for a lighting controller).
  3. They look slick and sharp making a discreet bit of equipment that sits on the floor more pleasing on the eye if it is seen, complimenting your event décor.

In a nutshell, they are practical, sophisticated and stylish. Just what you need at your event!

In just a few weeks they have already been to conferences, weddings, awards shows, birthday parties and more.

Here’s what one event planner said:

“We have used VNV for various lighting productions numerous times over the last year, and the frequency has significantly increased since 2014 began. I can only say that I am very happy with their creativity, ideas and service. As a wedding planner and event designer & stylist sometimes obstacles present themselves and VNV always manage to provide an excellent solution whether it’s a staying within budget, matching a specific wedding theme colour or positioning lights in specific or tricky places. 

From the basics of being on time, to going above & beyond they always satisfy the brief and specifications without any fuss and most importantly make the client happy. We have had so many “wows” from clients as they enter the room and recently a bride started crying of joy when she saw the combination of the lighting and decor in her venue. 

I use VNV every time, and come to them first for all of my lighting and AV requirements.”


Bola Oloruntuyi

Memories 4U


On one Saturday in April we had nearly 50 uplighters go to 5 events that day! They were all delivered (and collected) on time, matching each client’s specific colour choice.

See some pics from a few of the venues they have been featured in here:

Battersea Arts Centre – Turquoise / Teal


 Pic courtesy of Jo of The Art of Weddings (


 The Union Bar, Regent’s Place – Rose Pink



The Emirates Football Stadium, Islington – Orange

uplights vnvsounds at the Emirates


The West Reservoir Centre, Stoke Newington – Salmon Pink



The West Reservoir Centre, Stoke Newington (again) – Off White



The Hilton Hotel, Tower Bridge – Purple


Pic courtesy of Ganesh of Kairosgraphy (


 Elite Venue, Kent – Peach



Not forgetting about Grand Connaught Rooms, Hylands House & South Place Hotel! The pics from which we will put on our Facebook & Twitter pages as soon as we get them.

This gives you an idea of their applications. They can set the right ambience or compliment the theme of most events and make for beautiful pics (with a good photographer of course lol).

We now have 50+ LED Uplighters in stock to hire, but can get many more if required as well as wireless units & LED battens (50cm or 1m) so the possibilities are really endless!

Also, if you haven’t seen this video yet, check it out to see how you can use these lights further:

Take care,

Dean Carby

VNV Sounds

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