“My business is different because ____ [Insert Here]”

“My business is different because ____ [Insert Here]”

When I give people advice about their business they often say that theirs is different or they think they are
different, which is definitely true to a certain extent; you are an individual and your business should be run the
way you want to run it.
However, there are some business tips and principles that can be applied to nearly any business across all
sectors whether you are married or single, young or old, man or woman, black or white etc.


In the picture above, I’m on my hands and knees. You might not see me doing this so often these days, and it’s
not because I’m lazy or “can’t be asked” to do it anymore, but because I now understand what my strengths are. I
really am good at so many things related and unrelated to business, but what really want to focus on each day is
using my strengths, my best abilities and my individual assets. (I will talk more about what these are in another
Most people think that the output or ‘end result’ (aka the talent or skill) is the most important thing, what people
can see, and value themselves so much on doing that – it’s all they will ever focus on and do.
The younger and less experienced me used to be the same, killing myself being mentally and physically busy all
the time thinking I was superman and could do it all. The more I work and continuously grow in business, the
more I realise that it’s really hard to do the front end and back end at the same time. Although, they both require
attention so when one fails, issues tend to arise on both sides.
Micro businesses (smaller than small businesses), one man / woman bands and sole traders mainly focus on the
output (skill and end product). As a result, the back office including systems, processes, administrations and
accounting are less efficiently run causing detrimental effect on the business.
More experienced businesses have the funds, time and team to focus on business development, recruitment /
HR, finances, intellectual property, team building, training, delegation, out sourcing and creativity.

Now, if I proposed that you didn’t necessarily have to solely rely on yourself for your business to run, you may
immediately question this, however you can create the possibility to delegate, outsource or systemise most of it. I
know some people reading this just won’t be able to understand or comprehend what I’m saying here, and will be
quick to say “it’s not for me” or “I’m different” or “my business is different’. Yes, you are different, you are unique,
you are special but more than likely by saying that you’re different to other businesses and shutting down
practical or logical advice before even considering it will more than likely keep you exactly the same as the other
thousands of stressed out small business owners across the UK.
The thing is; repeated struggle leads to complaining, complaining usually leads to more complaining, and then
complaining often turns to tiredness, bitterness, resentment, depression and hate. It also leads to the feeling of
life being unfair when all you needed to do was learn new skills so that you could level up.
Trust me I’ve been there, I’ve seen it and done it and some days when I’m short staffed for whatever reason I
sometimes end up going back into some of process / loop that I am now mostly free from.

I can totally understand and relate to the following:
 Doing everything for each client from enquiry through to quote and invoice then prep production and
 Doing my social media, coming up with new designs / ideas and concept, marketing, sales, networking
and more
 Feeling like there is no one can do what I do
 Feeling like there are no loyal staff members out there that would join my team, or that people can’t be
 Never feeling like I have enough money
 Always waiting and praying for the perfect client
 Having a constant feeling of lack of time, money and resources instead of having an abundance mindset
 Not knowing how I’m going to pay my next set of bills for the month
 Driving, lifting and loading heavy equipment on large vehicles around the clock
 Having clients that don’t value or appreciate what I do
 Having clients that never ever wanted to pay me what I felt I was worth Having clients that want to talk around the clock (and want instant responses) via phone, text, email and
 Having clients that wouldn’t go ahead with my company unless I was there physically in some way
shape or form to execute / deliver the job

I could list more…a lot more, but I’ll stop there for this article. However, what I will say, especially if you can relate
to this is I have a solution for each and every one of these bullet points. Practical solutions that can be done by
every single person reading this, you can have a business that you are at least partially free from so that you can
have more time and energy for the things that are most important to you.
There is no quick fix, or overnight solution but it’s a ‘work in progress’ and ‘a work in progress’ that you can start
on right now to set you free and bring you joy and happiness 1-3 years from now in your business. We all know
how quickly the months go by right? Then why wait until a special day like when you win the lottery or find a pot
of gold to get started?
I am doing the masterclass in November after having years of conversations with small business owners that
want more. I wouldn’t say that I have fully made it to where I would like to be yet, but I’m closer to it now than
ever before, like it’s tangible, it’s in sight and I can see how I’m going to get there. I can help you with your
journey too.
If you are a small events business and open to what I’m saying here in any way shape or form, you need to
attend The Event Acceleration Masterclass this November! An experience where your mind can be opened to a
new level of thinking that will speed up your progress and reduce your struggle so you can operate your business
without it being solely dependant on yourself!


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