DJ Longers

About This Project

DJ Longers is your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ! One of the most consistent multi-genre DJ’s in the business and is guaranteed to liven and entertain crowds all over the world and beyond! DJ Longers is currently the most sought after and hottest property on the underground DJ circuit. He has been an exponent player in the music game for over a decade and this shows by the skills he possesses to pack a lifeless dance floor. DJ Longers made his name as the personal DJ for the UK’s number one comedian; Kojo The Comedian at his weekly comedy funhouse live event that eventually made it to MTV! Longers’ celebrity DJ bookings include parties for Will Smith, Jay Z, Morris Chestnut, Terence J, Wiz Khalifa & Kevin Hart. International bookings include Mexico, Sweden, Madrid, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, and Antigua.