What is PA Hire or Sound Hire (Part 2)?

What is PA Hire or Sound Hire (Part 2)?

What is PA (or ‘Sound’) Hire?

Part 2


Following on from ‘What is PA (or ‘Sound’) Hire?’ earlier this month here is even more information on PA Hire from the North London experts, VNV Sounds.

Do you remember the Wikipedia definition of what a PA system is? Read Part 1 here or go to Wikipedia itself by clicking here.

We now want to show you the various types of PA equipment that we use to ensure the audio is heard or ‘amplified’.

There are many varieties of equipment models, styles, sizes and amounts, but a basic PA system from VNV Sounds usually consists of the following:



Multichannel or ‘PA’ Mixers



…and signal cables to connect it all together!


  • Microphones for capturing speech.

o   Corded…



o   Or Cordless (also know as ‘radio’ or ‘handheld’…


…’lapel’ and ‘headset’ mics are also options for ‘radio’ or ‘cordless’ mics too…


  • Mixers come in different forms including DJ mixers, but here we’re talking a multichannel or ‘PA’ mixer for connecting and controlling the volume of multiple devices such as microphones, mp3 players, live band equipment or DJ equipment. It’s like the motherboard on a ship that controls everything. It sends all the audio to the amplifier.

o   Mixers can be very small like this (but also can be much larger of course):


For the events we do, we usually use a digital mixer that looks like this:


  • The amplifier, or ‘amp’ is the unsung hero that anyone rarely sees but is the silent workhorse that receives the signal (or audio) from the mixer and sends it to the speakers:


A mixer can send quality audio directly to speakers if the speakers are ‘active’ – meaning that the speakers have their own individual amps built in. We prefer passive though.

  • Speakers that receive the sign from the amp then project or amplify them towards to audience to be heard.

o   These are very small conference style speakers with 2 being able to cover a room of 60-80 people:


or in white…


Here are the white speakers being used for a small wedding ceremony at The Wyndham Hotel, Chelsea Harbour…



  • Possibly some DJ equipment with some CDJs & a DJ mixer if required…?


Check out this ‘Sound Hire’ page on our website for more information: https://www.vnvsounds.co.uk/sound-hire/

Using various signal cables to connect everything together here’s how we position everything to make the magic happen J lol

  • TEDx Brixton using several speakers, along with staging, plasmas screens and projection for an all day conference for a very large audience:


  • 2 Rooms At The Emirates Stadium 2013…

Room 1 with small and discreet white speakers for a conference style panel discussion & Q&A


Room 2 with larger, more powerful speakers, in black, for a performance by George The Poet & Guitarist


  • 2 Rooms At The Emirates Stadium 2014…

Conference style room again


DJ Room with black DJ booth to match:


  • Larger ‘club-style’ PA system with subs for extra bass for a wedding at Warren Weir (Luton Hoo):


  • Similar thing in white at Stockbrook Park Country Manor:


  • …and again at The Hilton Waldorf:


  • Small white PA system with slick white stands at St Martins Lane Hotel…


I really like the pic above because it almost looks as if it’s there permanently. Most can’t tell that we have only brought this set up in just for their event.

Here’s what the Area Events Sales Executive at St. Martin’s Lane Hotel, Lauren Milburn, thinks:


I have worked alongside Dean and his team at VNV Sounds for numerous years, so when I began arrange large, high end events for St Martins Lane Hotel, they were the first team that sprang to mind.

As always Dean was very keen to work on these events and was completely flexible with the venue space and the variety of clients requests and needs. Dean hosted numerous Christmas events with us in 2013 and is our preferred resident DJ for all our events. I would 100% recommend VNV Sounds to any venues or clients looking for a reliable, high quality entertainment package.


These videos will give you a good idea of how it’s all set up, both in front of and behind the booth:

We tend to use EV (short for Electro-Voice) and Turbosound speakers for their clean and slick looking presentations as well as their reliability, power to size ratio and multiple use abilities.

Talking about volume VNV Sounds can go as loud or as big as you like! How’s this for size?! Lol


Well not that big, but we can comfortably provide excellent sound systems and audio for up to 2,000 people as our main area of events is weddings and corporate events as opposed to festivals and concerts. We have got friends in the industry that can provide larger systems though so still feel free to enquire with us now.

If you notice from some of the pics above that all of our audio displays are visually pleasing too with no cables or unnecessary equipment on show. We believe very much in neat, clean presentation without any mess. Once we combine the PA system with the booth, lights and more it makes the equipment more of a feature at an event rather than an eye sore.

So as opposed to this…


(Speakers set up terribly right next to the head table…amplifier UNDER the head table?! Needless to say this system cut out and shutdown halfway through the night!)

Or this…


(This DJ table is just a mess including the cables dangling from the speakers. DJ name blurred out to protect his identity! Lol)


(As you can see this type of DJ set up can end up spoiling the styling and décor of an otherwise beautiful wedding or other event.)

Wedding planners and engaged couples planning your wedding don’t put up with PA equipment displays like that in the last few pics above. Make sure your DJ’s equipment is just as good as him. Ask for the name of his supplier if he hasn’t got the equipment himself, or even better: past photos from previous events.

Our equipment set up process usually looks like the pic below when near completion…


(This for a similar basic PA system mentioned above…)

But then end up like this…


Inside the booth…


(DJ, DJ Equipment, PA Equipment & Lighting @ The Elite Venue in Kent.)

Or slightly larger set up (with the sub behind the table)…




Inside the booth…


(DJ, DJ Equipment, PA Equipment & Lighting @ The Union, Regent’s Place, London.)

To see how VNV Sounds builds all of the equipment at events we do in more detail check here: https://www.vnvsounds.co.uk/your-future-ambition-2014-audio-visual-hire/

Get in touch with VNV Sounds for expert advice on PA hire or installation for your event or venue space today.


Take care,

Dean Carby

VNV Sounds

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